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Alberta Economic Outlook – March 2017

Alberta’s economy is emerging from the worst downturn it has experienced in three decades. Yet even as green shoots of optimism appear, the path forward remains unclear. The global economy continues down an uneasy road. Geo-political events around the world have muddied the forecasts for economic growth, particularly with questions...  Continue reading...

ATB Investor Beat Volume 6

On the level: Albertans’ sentiments reach a plateau. In the latest volume of Investor Beat, we find that, although negative sentiment towards Alberta’s economy remains, Albertans are starting to gain more confidence in the markets and have a more positive outlook on the Canadian and global economies. We also look...  Continue reading...

ATB Investor Beat Volume 5

Alberta’s recovery hits a bump (or two) in the road. In the latest volume of Investor Beat, we find that continued economic struggle, along with a few setbacks, has Albertan’s feeling less optimistic. We also find that Albertans are cautious about their finances and are more focused on increasing savings,...  Continue reading...

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