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Compass Portfolio Managers Commentary – Q2 2017

Below is the latest Portfolio Manager’s Commentary video featuring Gene Hochachka, Chief Investment Officer for ATB Investment Management and the Lead Portfolio Manager for the Compass Portfolio series.    Continue reading...

MaryAnne Visits NYC

MaryAnne and her husband enjoyed a trip to New York in June. Whilst there they experienced a 2-hr walking tour of Wall Street. On the tour they learned about the 400 years of U.S. Financial history traced back to the original Dutch trading outpost to modern Wall Street as we...  Continue reading...

The value of financial advice is more than just dollars and cents

Is there an actual cost associated with making emotional investment decisions? This is a complex subject, difficult to attribute a solid number and it’s a topic that impacts investors in different ways. The short answer is yes. The research we do each quarter for Investor Beat helps us better understand...  Continue reading...

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