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Central Banks and Why They Exist

by Katie Keir Since the 2008 financial crisis, central banks have made headlines all over the world. But what exactly are central banks and how do they work? Here’s a look at the role these banks play. We’ll focus on Canada’s central bank, known as the Bank of Canada (BoC),...  Continue reading...

Bank of Canada raises interest rates

In 2015 Canada’s central bank, the Bank of Canada (“Bank”), reduced its target overnight interest rate twice, to soften the unemployment fallout in Alberta from declining oil prices and also due to weakness among Canadian manufacturers. Bank officials hinted recently that a strengthening Canadian economy gave the Bank more latitude...  Continue reading...

The Importance Of U.S. Oil And Natural Gas Exports

by Jude Clemente According to the International Energy Agency’s (IEA) latest World Energy Outlook (released in November), oil and natural gas will still supply over 50% of the world’s energy in 2040. But, given the tendency to overestimate the ability of naturally intermittent renewables to displace (not simply supplement) conventional fuel systems, the contribution...  Continue reading...

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