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The Downfall of the Popular IPO

By Ben Carlson Snap Inc. (SNAP) has been getting plenty of headlines for going public late last week. Consumer technology companies tend to get a lot of publicity and Snapchat has an estimated 150 million-plus daily users so it makes sense this one has been getting so much attention. The...  Continue reading...

Stop wasting money: Confronting confirmation bias can make you a better investor

By David Kaufman, Financial Post – March 24, 2017 David Kaufman: In life, confirmation bias will make you feel good about yourself, but in investing confirmation bias will cost you It is a universal element of the human condition that we seek out individuals who are similar to ourselves. People...  Continue reading...

2017 Federal Budget Tax Highlights

The above summary only highlights certain budget items. Other items contained in the budget will be relevant for some taxpayers. For further details regarding all budget initiatives, please refer to the 2017 budget documents on the Government of Canada website.      Continue reading...

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