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Year-End Tax Strategies 2016

2016-year-end-tax-planning-strategies  Continue reading...

A Volatile Start to 2016, Jan 25

Just another bump in the investment road Posted on: January 25, 2016 | Author: Gene Hochachka, Chief Investment Officer, ATB Investment Management Inc. The financial market gyrations of early 2016 coincided with a decline in the oil price from $37 to only $27, but the two have very different causes and effects. The dropping...  Continue reading...

Diversified Portfolios positive in 2015

http://www.atb.com/learn/articles/Pages/article.aspx?aid=471 Though 2015 was a rocky year in price swings of share prices across the world, a diversified portfolio of investments that held U. S securities produced positive returns for Canadian investors. for more explanation , see the link posted.  Continue reading...

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