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Good Bye Blue Shirt

Each of us lives the 80-20 rule in some sense. If there is a cook book in the cupboard, we use 20% of the recipes 80% of the time, and generally speaking, we don’t look to dip into the others. The 80-20 rule applies to many things in our lives,...  Continue reading...

When a Scarf Isn’t Enough

When a Scarf Isn’t Enough Winter on the prairies. It can be brutal. Cold, windy and a bitterness that bites every piece of exposed flesh. A promise of winter is snow, sometimes lots, where you run out of areas to pile it, other times little and it all seems to...  Continue reading...

Hello, Mr. Bear

Day 16 on a forest fire is the most monotonous. The adrenaline is all used, the taste of camp food starts to all blend together, the routine has been set and followed, you only brought six pairs of clean underwear, so you have to decide which are best for round...  Continue reading...

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